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Innovative Corrugated Products

Proud To Be Small

Team Image Marketing™ currently occupies a 30,000 foot warehouse in Sumter, SC and employs a dozen people. We’re proud to be a small business because small businesses help America grow.

eye-catching corrugated products. Founded in a garage in Spartanburg, South Carolina in 2002, our initial product focus was NASCAR® driver cutouts. In fact, we’re still the only company licensed with NASCAR and its race teams to make souvenir stand ups.

​In 2004 we expanded to custom stand ups for in-store displays, and soon started making specialty corrugated displays and auto set-up bins for produce, as well as materials for the entertainment industry—we've even been contracted to build standups for the Twilight™ and Hunger Games™ movies and a Lil’ Wayne promotion. What can we create for you?